Here at Beecasso Live Bee Removal our main focus is the preservation of honeybees. Just recently several bee species have been put on the endangered species list for the first time, now more than ever we need to be conscious and aware of the vital role bees play in all of our lives. Honeybees are major pollinators of the planet, they create 90% of the food we eat, they pollinate the trees that sustain our life. 

Every time we remove a hive from a property it is safely relocated to a Beecasso Sanctuary to thrive, or donated to beekeepers and apiarists in California. Today was an amazing day as we have a new bee lover in our midst.

Beecasso is setting up new beehives at a wonderful new location. We Want to thank Jacoba who is helping with the preservation of the honey bees by keeping bees on her property and who is working to getting more people involved and working to get more locations for Beecasso bees.

Thank you so much Jacoba.