Steve 'Beecasso' Downs.

Personalized Approach

Steve Downs has been a bee catcher for the past 20 years, rescuing bees that would otherwise be euthanized by pest control companies or destroyed by uninhabitable environments. He removes bees, and honeycomb from any residential or commercial structure, with full repair. He is well known in the industry for his high quality work, and in depth experience with the bees. Working with beekeepers, agriculturalists and bee hobbyists, he sets up beehives throughout the Los Angeles area, promoting the survival of these most vital species.


We are focused on a chemical free approach to bee removal. Using natural products that are safe for the environment. We will remove your bees safely and give them a good home.

Environmentally friendly approach


Honey Bees, create up to 90% of our food source,they are the pollinators of the world. With the current colony collapse, and the use of chemicals in our environment, we need to act as one and help to preserve and care for these amazing creatures. Without them we can not survive.

Beehive installation

Beekeeping and Hive Installations

Beekeping is vital for the future of our existence, to really make a change more people need to start keeping bees. Not only is it good for the planet but it is also necessary for our own survival. With the right space you can have your own hive, fresh wild honey, and help save the bees!

We install and maintain beehives for the beginner beekeeper, hobbyist etc. Bringing natural environments for bees into urban areas.If you are interested in starting your own hive call us today!